Known Dangers of Rats Encourage New Rat Extermination Efforts

Known Dangers of Rats Encourage New Rat Extermination Efforts

dangers of rats - rat extermination - rat exterminator - Capitol PestThis is the time of year when rodent infestations that went unnoticed during the summer months become blatantly obvious. Rats and mice seek out warm interior spaces within close proximity to food supplies during the winter, and this often means the tightly packed homes and businesses of urban neighborhoods. The known dangers of rats create a higher risk scenario to humans as well.

These known dangers of rats are motivating communities around the country to look for new and more effective ways to control rodents. Take Washington, DC for example. The nation’s capital, long known as a city with almost as many rats as human residents, has embraced a new technology-based solution for locating infestations so they can be eradicated.

WAMU radio reports that DC has teamed up with The Lab @ DC to develop a software solution capable of identifying and tracking rat infestations. A number of rat extermination professionals use data supplied by the program to go about their business in specially marked vehicles seen around the city with greater frequency.

An Urgent Situation for Rat Extermination

New rodent control and rat extermination efforts in the nation’s capital reflect an urgent situation. According to WAMU, the number of complaints about rats in the city has more than doubled in just the last few years. Yet Washington DC has had a rat problem for quite some time. More than four decades ago, Congress even declared a war on rats in an effort to marshal the federal government’s resources to deal with the problem.

So what is the problem, other than the sheer volume of rodents in the city? The known dangers of rodents. Rats and mice are carriers of disease. They can contaminate food supplies simply by feeding and leaving their feces behind. They can help spread disease when they encounter insects that also contact humans.

Rodents are notorious for chewing through walls, gnawing on electrical wires, fowling insulation with urine and feces, and generally wreaking havoc wherever they congregate in large numbers. And because rats and mice are so intelligent, they can be difficult to control.

The known dangers of rodents are motivating cities from coast to coast to adopt new technologies aimed at fighting infestations. We’re doing our part at Capitol Pest by quickly responding to calls with effective rodent control. With a Zoologist and 2 PhD Entomologists on staff, we urge you to contact us right away at the earliest sign of a possible rodent infestation on your property.

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