Keep Your Family and Pets Safe from Flea’s This Fall

Termites can strike fear into the heart of any homeowner, and bed bugs and mosquitoes star in countless real-world horror stories. In contrast, fleas are often dismissed as a nuisance, but these fast-moving pests can present a serious problem. Flea bites are itchy, uncomfortable and quite capable of transmitting an assortment of diseases that can cause illness in both humans and pets. Simply put, a flea infestation can make life miserable for your entire household, and eradicating that infestation can be tricky.

Signs of Fleas

In many households, the first indication of a flea infestation comes from the pets. Animals will scratch and groom themselves to deal with the discomfort triggered by flea activity, so an increase in these behaviors is a red flag. Since fleas consider humans suitable prey, family members might also report bites or see the adult fleas crawling or leaping about. Flea dirt, a substance that resembles black pepper but is actually flea feces, can also signal an infestation. It’s typically found in pet beds and carpet.

Where Fleas Hide

Adult fleas don’t hide. Intent on making a meal out of people and pets, they are easy to find. However, immature fleas are different, and they’re a factor that must be considered when trying to end an infestation. In the average home, 50 percent of the flea population will be flea eggs; roughly 35 percent will be larvae. These groups are tucked away in less obvious locations like in carpets, under furniture and in bedding. To truly put an end to an infestation, you have to eliminate fleas at every stage of their life cycle. If you fail to do so, the problem will return as the next generation matures.

Preventing a Flea Infestation

Fleas tend to gain entry into a home by hitching a ride on a host. To stop them, you can use prevention products on pets that go outdoors. It is also smart to talk with a pest control professional about how you can stop rodents and wildlife that might host fleas from entering your property. A pest control specialist can also create a barrier around your home by treating tall grass and dense vegetation with pesticides that are safe and effective. If fleas are already present in your home, a professional can use their knowledge of the flea’s behavior and their expertise with pest control products to combat the infestation quickly and effectively.

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