It’s November. Should I Still Be Worried About Mosquitoes?

Although fall starts in September, it doesn’t put an end to mosquito infestations. For those living in Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia, you’re likely to see mosquitoes far into November. Mosquitoes thrive in the heat and will continue to infest an area as long as the temperatures remain high enough.

Does Mosquito Season End in the Fall?

Mosquitoes always make an appearance in the summer when the temperatures rise. However, not all of them go away once the fall weather settles in the area. If the temperature remains above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll continue to see mosquitoes through September and November. Some mosquito species die off once the temperatures drop while others go into hibernation. If a heat wave blankets the East Coast, the hibernating species will linger into early December.

Where Can You Find Mosquitoes in November?

If it’s still hot outside, you’ll see mosquitoes flying around in search of food during the morning and the evening. They will also rest on shrubbery, grasses and limbs during the afternoon and the overnight hours. Hot temperatures create the ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed, so you may see more infestations as the warmer weather continues.

You might spot larvae in standing water, such as in a birdbath or a water-filled bucket. After it rains, female mosquitoes congregate near water and lay their eggs. They can lay between 100 and 300 eggs at a time in an inch of water. The females may do this three times before they finally die.

How Can You Prevent Mosquitoes in the Fall?

You can prevent mosquito infestations in the fall by reducing the amount of standing water on your property. Since water attracts the females, it’s best to eliminate anything that could trap water for several days. You should also keep your hedges trimmed and your grass mowed to reduce their resting spots. Having a pest control technician treat your yard can also help you create a barrier and keep mosquitoes from infesting your property.

Don’t Fight With Mosquitoes in November

November is a time for enjoying the scenery as the leaves change, not fighting with mosquitoes and their infectious bites. If mosquitoes keep you indoors during the fall, contact Capitol Pest for a free quote. Our pest control professionals have served Maryland, D.C. and Virginia since 1936. We’ll inspect your property for mosquito nesting sites, eliminate current infestations and apply preventative treatment to stop mosquitoes from reinfesting your yard.

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