Is it a Bee or a Wasp?

Although bees and wasps are an essential part of a healthy natural ecosystem, they have the ability to sting humans and cause serious harm. This is why they are treated as pests by homeowners. They can create problems for people trying to enjoy the outdoors.


Bees have a relatively short and hairy body. The width of the torso is proportionate to the length of this area, which generates an overall appearance of pudginess. They collect and transport pollen from various flowers by using their hind legs, which are curled for this purpose. Their wings are shorter than the long wings of the wasp.


Wasps are different from bees in several respects including their size and shape. They have a long and slender waist area with a narrow body. Their long legs protrude from beneath their torso, and they do not have visible hair on the surface of their body. The back end of their torso curves and protrudes, and their harsh stinger is located at the very back end of this region.

Homeowners and Pests

If bees or wasps are noticed around the home area, it is important to understand the risks involved in attempting to remove them from the premises. The best course of action is to keep children and pets away from the infested area, and alert everyone to the problem. These pests have painful stingers, and they can cause severe reactions in certain groups of people.

Anyone who suffers from a bee or wasp sting should see a doctor right away. It can be dangerous to attempt to remove a hive from any yard, so homeowners should immediately seek the professional assistance of a qualified bee and wasp removal service.

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