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Informational Videos

All About Ants (2:12)

Ants are the #1 pest of homes across the U.S., but you don’t have to live with this tiny nuisance. National Pest Management Association’s Missy Henriksen discusses ants, the problems they cause, and how to keep them out of your home.

How To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation – How To Check For Bed Bugs (5:49)

Bedbugs can hitch a ride to your home in your suitcase, travel bag, or guest possessions – and you often won’t know it until you have a major infestation. But there are ways to protect yourself from this biting bug. In this video, Entomologist Lou Sorkin and two New York pest control experts provide practical advice.

What Happens if Bed Bugs Are Not Treated? (2:28)

Bedbug infestations can quickly grow to overwhelming numbers if steps are not taken for their control. This disturbing video, taken in a single-family home in New Jersey, shows what can happened when a home is left untreated. (Video by Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station)

The Life of Mosquitoes (3:11)

Have you ever wondered just why mosquitoes are such a problem or why they are worse some years than others? This video details the lifecycle of mosquitoes. (Ilse Knatz Ortabasi video)