Increased Construction in Bethesda MD May Stir Rodents and Termites

Increased Construction in Bethesda MD May Stir Rodents and Termites

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Bethesda, Maryland is a wonderful place live, work, and play! But with all the construction of new and renovated homes in Bethesda MD, it is no surprise that there is a greater need for pest control services. The ongoing construction causes rodents and other pests to be disturbed and look for a new place to call home. In some cases, workers leave garbage and food outside attracting large and curious critters. While rodents are a problem, termites are one of the most destructive pests causing devastation to homes and structures.


Mice and rats can enter homes through the smallest break in the exterior. With construction in your neighborhood, their usual entry points elsewhere may be blocked leaving them looking for a new home. Don’t let your home be the next place they turn. It’s important to know that these pests can squeeze through holes 1/2″ or less for rats and ¼” or less for mice, so even the smallest hole around a dryer vent, rotted wood, or air vents are possible entry points. If left untreated, they can cause serious damage to electrical wiring and the interior structure of your home.


The likelihood of your home being infested by termites increases the closer you are to a construction site with stagnant water adding to the problem. Older homes in the Bethesda area may house termites and as construction workers tear them down, there is a possibility that they are disturbed enough to find a new location. Termites in our area live underground and are constantly looking for cellulose which is abundant in the framework of our homes. They also like dampness and are attracted to humid areas. They feed on dead wood, leaves, cardboard or anything that contains wood fibers known as cellulose. Termites can even be found in mulch. With the large amount of dead leaves on the ground in the winter months, this creates a gateway to your home.

Because termite colonies are underground, most homeowners never see termites but see evidence of termites. The wood that termites infest becomes hollow inside and they leave behind a honey-comb pattern. Occasionally, homeowners may find the damaged wood, but it is usually not until the winged-termites swarms of established colonies emerge to reproduce. After these mating flights, fertilized termites shed their wings and go on to establish new colonies. Termites seen flying around a home are indicative of a mature colony.

If you live in an area currently undergoing renovation in Bethesda MD and suspect that you might have a rodent or termite problem, Capitol Pest recommends that you contact us to treat your home.

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