Holiday Decorations That Attract Pests & How to Avoid Them

Holiday Decorations That Attract Pests & How to Avoid Them

It’s that time of year again! Season’s Greetings and lots of family fun. However, we know several holiday decorations that attract pests can lead to holiday headaches.

Holiday Decorations that attract pests

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Various types of plants, trees and flowers attract pests. After all, many of them are a part of these pests’ natural ecosystem. Some people even use squash, gourds, and corn as well as other vegetables during the harvest holidays. Don’t forget those gingerbread houses! Popcorn, cranberry and even pine cone garland around your house and on a gorgeous Christmas tree. While many people enjoy decorating both indoors and out with foliage and food during the fall and winter holiday seasons, it can create a bit of a pest problem.

Avoid leaving any food items lying around the house. This includes the beloved popcorn and cranberry garland strung around your tree. Love creating decor for your dining room with harvest vegetables? Aim for the decorative rather than the edible. They are found in many craft stores and craft sections of superstores. Additionally, you can order them through various websites. Using the decorative vegetables rather than the edible ones prevents fungus, fruit flies, and other pests from making these vegetables their new home.

Another way to keep the pests away is to keep that gingerbread creation your kids made in a sealed container, preferably in your refrigerator. The likelihood of any pest finding its way past your refrigerator door and into a properly sealed container is extremely low.

Christmas trees and wreaths often come with their own set of pests. Science Daily states that up to 25,000 bugs could be living inside your Christmas tree. They also state that it is unlikely most of those bugs will leave the tree. However, the ones that do will probably be attracted to whatever treats or other foliage left out in the open (particularly moist foliage).

Many people cannot do without a real tree or wreaths made of boughs of holly, pine cones, etc. And that’s okay. Just make sure you properly inspect these items before bringing them into your home. You can read all about how to do so here. The article is a great resource for minimizing holiday pests in your trees. It also recommends rosemary trees or spraying down your tree with neem oil. You will likely be tempted to switch to a “fake” tree just to keep the aphids away from your everyday plants. Those freshly cut trees and boughs of holly can attract pests that weren’t already there as well.

Indoor plants and flowers will attract bugs as well. Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are all plants to inspect.

And last, but certainly not least… You should protect the holiday treats you make – especially cookies. This will help keep them fresh, too!

And it’s not always the final product, but the little crumbs, brown sugar, sprinkles and other ingredients that fall to the ground that attract pests from ants to mice.

For those of you who brave the cold temperatures to grill with family around the holidays or deep-fry your turkeys, remember that this will attract any flies or other pests that have not gone into hibernation or died out from the cold.

One more thing to remember: get help opening & closing doors when you bring in gifts, goodies, or pack & unpack vehicles for trips. Propping doors & leaving the garage door ajar is just a holiday invitation to the critters we spend our time getting rid of. If you still find yourself in need of pest control, please contact Capitol Pest today.

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