How to Handle a German Cockroach Problem

How to Handle a German Cockroach Problem

cockroach problem

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There are many cockroach species in the United States.  The most common ones are the American cockroach (reddish with wings, also known as the palmetto bug), the Oriental cockroach (shiny black, sometimes called a water bug), and the Smoky brown cockroach (mahogany colored with wings longer than the body).  The most fear-inducing one, however, is the German cockroach.  This cockroach, unlike the others, does not typically reside outdoors.  This is partly because it lacks the natural “antifreeze” protein that enables the others to live through the winter.  German cockroaches usually hitchhike indoors in boxes, clothes or second-hand furniture.

The German cockroach is easy to identify by the two black stripes on its pronotum (a covering over the head).  What makes this type of cockroach so problematic is that juveniles become reproductive in just over a month, while other varieties may take over a year. Thus, the German cockroach can quickly become an infestation. There are also associated health risks associated with most cockroaches.

There are things that you can and should do if you suspect a cockroach problem and these miniscule mobsters have invaded your home or facility.

  • Seal All Food in Tight Containers. This is not only good practice for cockroaches, but also for ants and pantry pests like the Indian Meal Moth.
  • Keep It Clean. Wash dishes quickly instead of leaving them in the sink. Clean up all crumbs and spills. Scour away all the grease that has built up from cooking. Take garbage out nightly. Remove clutter. Fix any leaks and address excess moisture in the home.
  • Monitor Items Entering the Home. This could be boxes, clothing (even if not second hand), furniture, bed linens, toys and the like.
  • Call a Professional. For identification and proper treatment for German cockroaches, an experienced professional is invaluable.  At Capitol Pest we know the best ways to provide relief from cockroach problems.  Contact us for all your pest elimination needs.

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