Four surprising exterior holiday decorations that attract pests

Four surprising holiday decorations that attract pests

As far as home holiday decorating items go, what you don’t know might surprise you. Have you ever encountered a pest problem during the holiday season and wondered how it came about? Well here are four surprisingly common holiday decorations that attract pests and how to avoid them.

  1. Live Christmas trees. A live Christmas tree is one of the biggest bug magnets of the holiday season. There’s a good chance that a pest or two may have hitched a ride home with you and your new tree. How can you avoid this? Double, triple check your tree before you purchase it and then check it again before you take it home with you.
  2. Floral Decor. Mistletoe, poinsettias, and miniature evergreen trees – all of these live festive plants that add to the holiday decor can also harbor pests. This can be especially more prevalent in churches and other religious houses as they hold on to these plants during the holiday season as decorations before sending them home with their congregants.
  3. Wreaths. It may be on the outside of your door, but every time it’s opened a tiny bug could move right inside from your wreath into your hone. How can you avoid this? By substituting live plants for fake ones instead. You can also avoid this by giving your wreath a good shake every so often.
  4. Pine Cones and Garland. In many areas, people love to decorate during the winter with pine cones or garland. When either are gathered, from the outdoors rather than being store-bought, they could contain some unwanted surprises inside. How can you avoid this? Instead of venturing out to the great outdoors for your pine cones and Garland, you might consider buying them from a store or using fake ones.

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