Find a Local Exterminator via Recommendations, Reviews and Estimates

Find a Local Exterminator via Recommendations, Reviews and Estimates

It’s very important to have a reliable local exterminator for any of your pest problems. Once a pest issue takes hold, you can’t wait around to resolve it. You need someone to come and take care of it right away. Dependability and reliability are important in your search for a local exterminator. You need someone who will be punctual, affordable, knowledgeable, and effective.

How do you go about finding a local exterminator who fulfills your needs?

Ask Friends and Family

If your friends and family live in the same area, they may have the same pest problems that you have. It’s often a good idea to get a personal recommendation. Of course, if they’re dealing with different pest issues, then you may not be able to give you exact experiences you might go through. But if the company is a good one, then they’ll know how to deal with more than one pest issue.

Look at Online Reviews

local exterminator - 5 star reviewsOnline reviews are great for finding a local exterminator. There are many independent websites that list reviews of businesses in a certain neighborhood. People go there to comment on whether they were satisfied with the services they received. If a certain company has many positive reviews, then they are generally a safe bet. And the most important part of online reviews is that it cannot be edited by a company. These are direct feedback reports from customers – so you’ll be able to read about their experiences.

Request a Free Inspection

Be careful of local exterminators who quote you over the phone. Unless the customer is an entomologist and a pest control expert, oftentimes they are not sure of the bug or rodent that has gotten into their home. You’ll want an expert to inspect your property, check for entry points, and other areas the homeowner should address. The process to remove the pest or rodent could involve multiple steps and not just a simple shot of “Raid.”  An inspection should be free and as a courtesy to help the local exterminator do their job properly.

Get an Estimate

After getting a recommendation and/or your free inspection, you can also consider getting an estimate from more than one company. However, don’t just go with the company which charges least. Make sure that they’re also giving you in-depth services analysis which will prevent the situation from occurring again. And don’t risk the chance of seeing a low estimate, but the final bill comes in much higher because they didn’t do a proper assessment in the first place.

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