Early Warning Signs of a Rodent Pest Control Problem

rodent pest control problem

Rodent Pest Control Problem – Source: Global News

A rodent pest control problem can start at any time of year. Regular cleaning and mindfulness can help stop a rodent problem before it starts. Mice and rats are the most common rodent pest control problem. They can go undetected for long periods of time. Other rodents that might infest your home are more obvious and larger, making it more difficult to hide their presence.

The following are early warning signs of a rodent pest control problem:

  • Bite marks and shredded plastic and paper are obvious sign. These tend to appear where food is stored, food is packaged, or food is prepared.
  • Droppings left by rodents. They are found around food sources, along their trail, and where they like to huddle for warmth.
  • Rough-edged holes from a dime to a quarter in size are a sure indication that a mouse or rat has gnawed their way into a space.
  • Unusual noises in the walls are an indicator that you might have a rodent problem. Rodents tend to be nocturnal.
  • Your pets may detect a rodent problem before you do. They may be suddenly alert, bark in the kitchen at seemingly nothing, or paw at narrow spaces between furniture and the floor.

How to avoid a rodent infestation:

Prevention is easier than dealing with an existing rodent problem. The following are some simple tips:

  • Seal holes where appropriate. Rodents have a difficult time chewing through steel wool and most masonry products.
  • Removing nesting material like newspaper, foam peanuts, leaves from the autumn, or leftover plastic helps discourage rodent nesting.
  • Don’t leave food out. Any food left out on the counter or outside of a cabinet will attract rodents. Even dry pasta or potato chips will attract hungry rodents.
  • Don’t leave standing water in the sink. Rodents will be attracted to it.
  • Regularly clean out your dressers. If a clothes dresser is not used very often, rodents will find them to be a safe and warm place to nest undisturbed.

How to combat an existing rodent problem

Traps are helpful for a few mice, but larger problems require assistance from your local rodent exterminator. They are the experts in rodent pest control methods. Rodents will multiply quickly if they have food and space. An ounce of prevention will help avoid a severe rodent problem.

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