Don’t Let Ticks Ruin Your Halloween Costume This Year

Halloween brings out an enthusiastic legion of costumed children and adult revelers enjoying outdoor festivities. Despite the cool autumn temperatures in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, pests like ticks are still active and bloodthirsty. Bites from these arachnids can transmit pathogens that cause several life-threatening diseases and conditions, including brain inflammation and Lyme disease. The best way to protect your family and pets is to develop a comprehensive plan that prevents ticks from crashing your Halloween party and ruining your costume.

Prevention Begins Outdoors

Ticks catch rides on host animals like rodents, raccoons and deer as well as stray cats and dogs. To reduce your tick population, do not feed these animals or allow them to have access to food or water on your property. Ticks can also hold on to leaves and grass as they wait for a potential host to pass by. Remove yard waste and trash like old tires where ticks can hide. Trim your lawns and shrubs on a regular basis to eliminate sources of water and sheltered hiding places. Neatly stack firewood in a sunny, dry location. If your property is situated near a wooded area, use gravel to create a 3-foot wide buffer zone to discourage ticks from entering your property. Ensure that your pets wear a flea and tick collar when they are outside.

Defuse a Ticking Time Bomb

Once ticks have invaded your yard, they can latch on to your costume while you are enjoying the festivities and then enter your house. Make sure that you visually inspect yourself and family members, including pets. If you suspect the presence of ticks, do not place your Halloween costumes in the laundry bin because these pests can escape and set up a base camp. Immediately wash the costumes in the hottest water suitable for the fabric. Although ticks typically hide inside crevices, beneath floorboards and behind moldings, they can live anywhere in your house, including carpets, curtains and the folds of furniture upholstery. A pregnant tick can lay thousands of eggs, which can cause an overnight infestation.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

If you suspect that your yard or house is infested with ticks, contact Capitol Pest. Our team has the expertise and tools required to eliminate the infestation. We are trained to safely use professional-grade products that may not be available to consumers. An experienced technician can also provide tips that will help you identify and remove tick habitats in your yard. Whether you are experiencing problems with ticks or other vermin, Capitol Pest can handle all of your pest control needs.

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