Don’t Let Mice Ruin Your Halloween Costume This Year

Rodent Free For the Fall

Halloween is all about getting spooked by goblins and ghouls, not creeped out by rodents in your home. If you see a furry little creature scurrying through your home, you’ll likely be tempted to scream, but the reality of a mouse infestation is much scarier than the possibility of a startle. Mice can devastate a home, making it unpleasant and possibly even dangerous for the inhabitants.

You can thankfully avoid a rodent infestation if you know what to watch out for. By picking up on the signs early on, you’ll avoid letting the situation get out of control. A pest-control specialist can advise you on how to handle the problem.

Rodent Invasion: What to Watch Out For

1. Strange Sounds

If you hear a lot of bumps, scrapes and scuffling sounds in the night, there’s a good chance you have mice. Mice can get up to all sorts of trouble while you’re attempting to sleep. They squeeze into cupboards, steal food, make nests in the walls and quickly produce offspring who go on to do the same. You’ll definitely hear them before you see them, so if you start hearing odd noises with any sort of consistency, call the experts right away.

2. Droppings

Droppings are another easy way to spot a rodent invasion. Mice are interesting little creatures, but they’re not polite about where they poop. If you have mice, you’ll generally see droppings in any area they’ve explored. Check kitchen cabinets, pantries, cupboards, bathrooms and garages. Don’t assume that mice are only attracted to the kitchen. They’ve been known to get into beauty products or even feminine products as well.

3. An Unpleasant Smell

The droppings can be bad, but it’s the urine that really gives off an odor. When you have a lot of mice, they begin urinating everywhere. That smell begins to form a musky odor. It’s caused by the fermentation of the urine and can be very hard to get rid of. If you’re noticing the smell, chances are that the mice are already pretty out of control.

4. Small Debris Everywhere

If you start finding small piles of debris, such as nut shells or food particles, you have likely stumbled upon a mouse’s hiding place. Mice will sometimes store food or debris for nests in little nooks and crannies around the home.

Tips for Avoiding Mice: Quick Fixes to Make Your Home Less Appealing

  • Keep your home, garage and outdoor areas neat and tidy
  • Store all food in tightly sealed containers
  • Use peppermint oil around the home
  • Seal off any noticeable holes or entry points where the mice might be coming in from the outside

Contacting the Experts: The Only True Solution

Mice are common in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. They begin heading indoors to seek shelter when the weather gets cold, so this fall, be sure to contact Capitol Pest for an inspection.

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