Don’t Bring Bedbugs Home From Your Summer Vacation

Bringing home a few mementos is a great way to remember your summer vacation. Bedbugs, however, make terrible souvenirs. If you have a trip coming up, it’s time to learn more about what you can do to prevent bedbugs from taking a ride home with you.

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

Checking the online reviews of your potential accommodations is a good way to discover if the place previously had a bedbug problem. Read reviews carefully to look for mentions of the cleanliness of each motel or hotel that you’re considering. Don’t assume that an expensive hotel will automatically be free of bedbugs; even the poshest of hotels can harbor an upscale population of bedbugs.

Investigate the Room Upon Arrival

When you arrive in your room, do a little detective work in search of signs of bedbugs. The common visible signs of bedbugs include small rusty stains and brown molts. Start your search by pulling up the covers of the bed and carefully inspecting the linens and headboard. For a closer look, use a flashlight. You’ll need to check other areas of the room, including upholstered furniture and curtains.

If you do discover bedbugs or signs of the creatures, get in touch with the front desk immediately to request a new room. Ask for a new room that is not directly adjacent to your original room to avoid walking right back into a spreading infestation.

Be Smart with Your Luggage

Dumping your luggage and its contents directly on the bed is a good way to invite bedbugs to take a closer look. Instead, place your luggage on a luggage rack to keep it from the tight spaces bedbugs like to hide in. If you’re worried about bedbugs in the room’s provided drawers or closet, keep your clothes in your luggage. Storing your clothes in plastic bags inside of your luggage can reduce the chance of bedbugs finding their way into your clothes.

Prepare Your Battle Plan When You Return Home

After your trip, place your luggage somewhere outside of your home, such as your garage or deck. With a flashlight in hand, examine the exterior of each luggage piece. Even if you can’t spot any bugs, vacuum the surface. When you open the luggage, take your clothing items and immediately wash them in a washing machine at the hottest setting. This should eliminate any bugs that may have hitchhiked home in your luggage.

Vigilance is the best way to avoid bringing bedbugs home with you, but even the savviest travelers can bring home bedbugs despite their best efforts. Professional pest control treatments are often the best way to knock out a bedbug infestation. If your home in the Washington, D.C., area has become a haven for bedbugs, contact Capitol Pest today to begin restoring your home to normal.

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