Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home During Your Summer Travels

You know how people tend to be much more active during the summer, taking trips with their families and being outside a lot more than during the winter? Unfortunately, bed bugs tend to also be more energetic when the weather warms and the humidity builds, and part of that energy is spent hitching rides home with those returning from that well-deserved vacation or even a short trip across the District with recently purchased goods.

You can come across bed bugs regardless of your accommodations as they can be found in places as varied as Airbnb spaces, hostel rooms and five-star hotels. Sometimes, the people overseeing where you are staying may not even know about the bed bugs because whoever stayed there immediately before you had brought them in.

Note that you could also bring them home doing something as seemingly innocuous as sleeping on an airplane while they get transferred or transfer themselves into your carry-on luggage or clothing.

Conversely, if you are planning to remain close to home this summer, be careful when picking up things like desks or bedding from places like yard sales or even a store that only sells new items, especially if the goods are not wrapped. Inspect everything you bring home.

However, despite your best efforts, these pests may still find a way into your homes. They are awfully small and very talented at finding the tiniest and most hidden cracks to hide in.

For that reason, it is also important to periodically check dark, undisturbed crevices in your home for bed bugs. See if you can find any skins left behind from molting bed bugs or blackish fecal material. Focus on areas near where people spend considerable amounts of time, especially at night. These insects do tend to live up to their name and settle down near beds so they can regularly feed on the people sleeping there.

Another clear way to know that you have bed bugs is that you or one of your housemates have been bitten by them. The spots on the body that have been bitten usually itch and develop swelling or welts within a day or so, but sometimes it takes several days to occur or does not happen at all. Note that if you have a rash that becomes infected or persists, you should get it checked out by a medical professional.

Unfortunately, bed bugs in your home can multiply at an incredible rate as one female can lay hundreds of eggs in her life, and adult bed bugs can go more than a year between feedings, so it is important to eradicate this problem as soon as you realize you have one. This can be done by contacting Capitol Pest as our professionals are ready to take care of all of your bed bug control needs for you.

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