Discrete Restaurant Pest Control Services

Discrete Restaurant Pest Control Services

discrete restaurant pest control servicesWe know that pest infestations can be catastrophic for restaurant owners. Keeping your building pest free is an integral part of running a successful business. Capitol Pest’s restaurant pest control technicians can help keep your business safe, sanitary and pest free with discrete preventive services, as well as on-call treatment for active infestations.

Discrete Restaurant Pest Control Services

Running a successful restaurant requires designing the optimal dining experience. Your customers feel the same way about pests as they do dirty dishes – they don’t want to see them and they also don’t want to see the guy taking care of them either. We understand that even the rumor of a pest issue can break reputations in the food service business. That is why Capitol Pest offers the most discrete, professional and thorough preventive restaurant pest control services in the region.

Services can be set up to fit into your schedule so that chemical applications, baiting and trap removal is done before your customers arrive. Our technicians are up to date on pest control and rodent control requirements for commercial food service in their area and can help create prevention plans that will keep your customers safe and the health inspector happy too.

On-Call Pest Extermination for Restaurants

Even with preventive pest control services, occasionally unwanted pests make their way in. While it is unlikely that a building with regular preventative services will develop an infestation, it isn’t unusual for the occasional cockroach, mouse or rat to make their way past your defenses.

Capitol Pest provides on-call emergency restaurant pest control services in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area and can help make fast work of unwanted pests before they contaminate your food, prep areas and dining room.

If you are in need of regular preventative commercial restaurant pest control services or emergency extermination, Capitol Pest can provide you with discrete, timely and affordable solutions that fit your schedule and your budget. Contact us to schedule your services today.


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