Dealing with An Ant Invasion

When the spring and summer months arrive, countless homeowners experience ant invasions that leave their homes infested with these troublesome and difficult to kill creatures. While they can take some common sense approaches to dealing with an ant invasion, people typically benefit the most by knowing what extermination steps to take and when to take action to ward off a seasonal infestation.

Before the warmer weather arrives, people can take the first step in their defense by keeping their homes, particularly their kitchens clean. Putting away leftover food, keeping the dishes cleaned, and wiping down the counters can signal to ants that they will not find a food supply in your home. They also should wipe down their window sills and sweep their doorsteps to remove any lingering food crumbs.

While grocery stores and hardware retailers sell pesticides and insect traps that are supposedly designed to kill ants, these products in reality prove to be very ineffective in the battle against ant invasions. Boric acid, a common product to which homeowners resort to using, is deadly to household pets like cats and birds. Sprays bother people with asthma and allergies. Rather than infect their homes with toxins that could harm their health or that of their pets, people instead should call an exterminator for permanent resolution of their ant problem.

An exterminator knows what products are best to use against ants. These creatures are resilient and stubborn, making them an intimidating opponent to people who are not used to dealing with them. An exterminator can use safe and effective sprays, powders, and gel traps to eliminate these pests from a house. They can also use products to keep future infestations at bay.

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