The Dangers of Rodents: Sharing Your Home

The Dangers of Rodents: Sharing Your Home

Mouse in House_Dangers of RodentsFor many, mere sight of a mouse, or worse, a rat scampering across the floor is enough to send them up on top of a chair. While there are many reasons to be afraid of the dangers of rodents, the biggest of them all include the fact that they can be incredibly destructive to our home and public health dangers of rodents impacting humans.

The biggest worry about being in close quarters with rodents is that mice and rats carry a number of diseases. These rodents can carry diseases like Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Listeria, not to mention the Bubonic Plague which can be transmitted by infected fleas carried by rodents. These diseases are not only spread by handling rodents, but by contact with feces, urine, and saliva – all of which are in your house if a rodent is present – whether you see them or not.

Rodents can also be incredibly destructive to your home. They are known to eat just about anything, and you better believe that it isn’t limited to just a random box of crackers, rodents eat parts of your house as well. Their sharp teeth can gnaw through everything from cardboard to wood all the way to insulation and electrical wiring. In fact, many home fires are started because some mouse chewed through the wrong wire.

Diseases? Fire risk? Those are all very serious worries. Even worse is that seeing one rodent doesn’t mean there is just one. Rodents breed incredibly quickly and if you let one rodent prowl the house, you are sure to have another dozen coming along in just a little while. This is precisely why rodents need to be removed as soon as they are seen and the house needs to be inspected to make sure there are no more unexpected visitors.

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