Dangers of rodents: Why mice pose a danger

Dangers of rodents: Why mice pose a danger?

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When you have mice in your home, they can be not only annoying but in some ways downright dangerous. But why do mice pose a danger? Learn more of the dangers of rodents in this post.

The main reason mice can pose a danger is that they will chew on everything, from insulation inside the walls and attic to furniture and other household items. They have even been known to chew on wiring insulation, creating a danger of short circuits and even fire.

Mice can make their nests anywhere they feel safe and warm, which makes them hard to get at. Some have been known to take up residence inside appliances, which can cause a hazard when they attack their electrical systems.

Mice, it goes almost without saying, can spread disease as well. They are very adroit at getting at your stored food, chewing through cardboard and even plastic to get at it. Even though mice eat only about three grams a day, they can contaminate much more than that with feces and urine.

In short, mice, as quick and as unobtrusive as they are, can cause a considerable amount of damage if they are left unchecked. Replacing food and other items that the mice have gotten into can add up. A fire or a health problem can add up to thousands of dollars, even if you carry the appropriate insurance.

Traps and poisons are available to help combat a mouse infestation, and they can work if installed and placed in the correct areas. However, the only way to make sure that your home is free of a mouse infestation is to call in a professional, have it treated, and have it sealed to prevent future entry of more rodents.

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