Controlling Larder Beetles with Pest Control Services

larder beetle The Larder Beetle is a common household pest, not just in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia but throughout North America and Europe, as well. These small but tenacious pests don’t attract a lot of attention with their dark colors and quiet nature. That is why many homeowners fail to notice an infestation until when they begin seeing dead beetles in the corners and along the edges of their pantry shelves. Preventive pest control services can help.

Identifying Larder Beetles

The adult Larder Beetle is a black, oval-shaped and roughly 1/3 of an inch long. A thick, mottled yellowish band covers the top of its wing covers, roughly halfway down the length of its body with 6 or so black dots down its center.

Larvae are about an inch long, brown, covered in hairs and have a set of spines on the last segment of their body.

Neither the adult or larvae are known to bite or sting. Although the adults may fly, the Larder Beetle is mostly nocturnal and you may not notice any activity during the daylight hours.

Food Sources

In the spring, Larder Beetles enter homes looking for food sources – meat, dead insects, cheeses, hides or furs and other animal products. This includes all animal byproducts, such as pet food, fur coats and leather furniture too.


Although the idea of having your favorite leather sofa become beetle food may be cause enough for alarm, Larder Beetle larvae also have a nasty habit of boring into wood, plaster, drywall and anything else they might be resting on as part of the pupating process. These beetles can even tunnel into lead and tin.

Protecting Your Home with Pest Control Services

Place all food that could attract and sustain Larder Beetles in airtight containers. Larvae will burrow through cardboard food containers if they know there is food inside. Keep your dog food stored off the floor inside a plastic bin and periodically inspect your home for dead insects or mice that will attract adults looking for a meal (including attics and window wells). Beetles may also be controlled with commercial pesticides. Hiring a local exterminator can help protect you from encroaching adults before they lay their eggs.

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