Cockroach Control in the Washington, D.C. Area

Cockroaches are known as some of the most resilient creatures on the planet for their ability to survive and thrive under almost any circumstances. Four types of cockroaches infest human habitats. These include the American cockroach, the brown banded cockroach, the German cockroach and the oriental cockroach. The German and American varieties are the most common, but all types are universally despised by home and business owners. Roaches are scavengers that will eat almost anything including paper, glue, clothing, paint and even soap. They are nocturnal insects that prefer dark, moist environments, and they are often found behind appliances, in basements and under floor drains.

Roaches Damage Homes, Businesses and Human Health

Heavy roach infestations in a home or building can lead to contamination of food stores and damage to wallpaper, cardboard and some types of insulation. When roaches are found in a restaurant or other business that sells or prepares food, it can result in lost customers and serious harm to the establishment’s reputation. Roaches pick up bacteria, viruses and parasites while feeding on decaying or contaminated material. As they walk over counter tops or crawl inside utensil drawers, they leave these pathogens behind. People become exposed when they handle the affected items or use them to prepare food. Besides spreading disease, roaches can threaten human health indirectly. Roach feces can cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. It may even trigger serious asthma attacks when dust containing fecal particles is inhaled.

Don’t Tackle the Problem Alone

Roaches are often associated with unsanitary living conditions, but anyone can be a victim of a roach invasion. Once roaches have moved in, they secrete pheromones from their glands to attract other roaches. If left untreated, their numbers will increase until it becomes difficult to eradicate them. Multiple live roaches are a clear sign of infestation, especially if seen during the day. The presence of roach feces or egg casings also points to a significant problem. Feces and regurgitated food appear as dark-colored specks that resemble black pepper grains or small pellets. Egg casings are small, brown and oval or rectangular with ridges. They may resemble beans at first glance. Once a roach problem is detected, it is best to contact a professional exterminator immediately to get the infestation under control. Your Washington, D.C. pest control experts have the right tools and methods to eradicate roaches and keep them from coming back.

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