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Chevy Chase Pest Control Services

Since 1936, Capitol Pest has been an industry leader in protecting homes from pests. Through the use of the latest technology and the expertise of our on-staff PhD entomologist, Capitol Pest’s Chevy Chase pest control services are the safest and most effective available.

The historic, primarily residential nature of the town of Chevy Chase provides it with a unique, tranquil nature. However, that tranquility—and your peace of mind is quickly shattered when pests invade your property – as is all too common in this area. Chevy Chase customers have commended us for “solving our pest issues and bringing peace back to our home.”

A family owned and operated company ourselves, Capitol Pest has found that Chevy Chase residents are often particularly plagued with problems of mice, rat, and stinging or biting insects—such as mosquitoes, which are not only an annoyance but can be hazardous to your family’s health.

More Chevy Chase, MD Services

  • Rodents and their droppings—which they leave behind everywhere they travel—can cause 35 different diseases, such as Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Lyme disease. Mice and rats can also cause damage to your Chevy Chase home and belongings through gnawing and nest-building, and will contaminate food. Capitol Pest’s rodent control services protect your home and family through identification, elimination, and exclusion—to eliminate existing populations and keep new ones from coming in.
  • Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance, they are disease carriers. Mosquitoes are not picky about their hosts, so they will feed on an animal then fly to you, potentially infecting you or family members with West Nile Virus and other diseases. To protect you, Capitol Pest mosquito prevention services focus on the insect’s breeding and resting sites to reduce populations on your Chevy Chase property.

Because pest problems begin outside your home, Capitol begins there to SHIELD your home. We:

Survey your entire property for pests and anything that may attract them.

Help reduce these attractants and eliminate harbourage sites.
Identify any existing pests and develop a control plan to rid your property of them.
Execute a plan specifically customized to you, and Guarantee it.
Locate potential rodent entry points on the outside to prevent future entry.
Document and communicate our findings, service, and recommendations.

Call Capitol Pest today to exterminate and SHIELD your home from these, and other common household pests. We provide ant control, termite controlbed bug control, and wildlife control, and general pest control services to Chevy Chase zip codes, 20815 and 20825, and the surrounding areas for all common pests.