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Chevy Chase, MD Rodent Control Services

Types Of Rodents In Chevy Chase

Rats and mice are two common rodents that are problematic in the area. They get into homes and eat food supplies. These pests can chew through cardboard boxes, sugar bags and any other food container. When they take up residence in a yard, it is hard to evict them. They usually feed out of trash cans or pet dishes. These pests may also enter the home if doors are left open.

Where To Find Rodents in Chevy Chase

Rats and mice are elusive. They may live behind the walls, in basements or in attics. They can climb the boards behind the walls, and some may even make it into HVAC ducts. In some cases, they may chew through the back of a large chair or sofa and live inside of it. Gnawed furniture and destroyed food containers are signs of rats or mice, and their droppings are also telltale signs.

Risks Of Rodents

With rats, the main risk is listeria. They can carry this harmful disease in their urine, and they urinate on furniture or on the floors. The droppings of a deer mouse can carry Hantavirus, which is potentially fatal.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents in Chevy Chase

Any home with food or garbage is a potential haven for rodent populations. Since rats and mice often colonize behind walls, do not leave out poison-tainted food for them to eat. They usually take it back to their colony and share it, which means that they will die behind the wall and leave a horrible stench.

The best way to get rid of any rodent population is to call a pest control professional. A professional knows how to treat the infestation without the risk of pests dying behind the walls or in other hard-to-reach places. A professional can also suggest a preventative treatment plan and tips to keep indoor and outdoor rodents away. For effective and fast service in Chevy Chase, call Capitol Pest. We offer a free estimate and evaluation.