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Chevy Chase, MD Bed Bug Control Services

With the many homes and residents in Chevy Chase, it is possible to see bed bugs. These pests feed off of humans and will live in any place that is inhabited by people. After being a major problem in the United States decades ago and then being mostly eradicated, they have started appearing again frequently throughout the United States. From businesses to homes, these tiny biting bugs are making a comeback in Chevy Chase.

Identifying Bed Bugs in Chevy Chase

Bedbugs are brown, round, flat and small in appearance. They may be slightly elongated when they are younger. When they are young, they can be smaller than a screw head for a pair of glasses. They can grow to be about the size of a normal screw head. Although there are a few bugs that look similar, one way to identify a bed bug is to crush one. They are often filled with blood, and they will flatten completely when they are crushed.

Since these tiny pests are good at hiding quickly, they may be hard to see. Look for them under furniture cushions, along mattresses and under sheets. They may also hide in the carpet. A musky smell may be noticeable near an infestation. Piles of shed exoskeletons and reddish-brown dirt are also be a sign of bed bugs. Spots of blood on a mattress can be indicative of smashed bed bugs. A telltale sign that bites are from bed bugs is when they are in a straight row. The bites appear as red itchy bumps.

Risks Of Bed Bugs

The main risk of these pests is an infection. Their bites can itch badly, and scratching the bites can lead to bleeding and a secondary skin infection. There is also the risk of spreading the pests to others. Some landlords include clauses in their lease agreements that hold people who bring bed bugs onto a property responsible for paying for pest treatments. These pests can easily be spread on clothing, book bags, suitcases and purses. Home occupants may take them to retail stores, offices, schools, medical facilities and other places where they spread and are taken home by other people.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in Chevy Chase

There are no effective DIY methods for removing bed bugs. They are flat and tiny, which makes them capable of hiding in the tiniest crevices to avoid sprays. Also, they can live over a month without a blood meal. Bed bugs breed very quickly, which is why an infestation must be addressed immediately. There are a variety of treatment options based on the severity of the infestation. However, many people do not discover an infestation until it is extensive.

Professionals have treatments that are less harmful to pets, small children and adults. It is important to follow all of the steps in the treatment plan to remove the infestation, and a professional can provide maintenance treatments to prevent future problems. Capitol Pest offers affordable and effective bed bug removal in Chevy Chase. Call us today for a free service estimate.

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