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Chevy Chase, MD Ant Control Services

Ants can crawl into homes and cause devastating damage. These pests can destroy electrical wires, carpets, soft wood, and more. Additionally, ants can even form nests inside a home, and this can lead to thousands of these pests eating away at a property’s interior. When ants get inside a home, they can get into furniture, refrigerators, and even electronics. Since ants reproduce rapidly, they can cause exponentially worsening damage as time goes on. Chevy Chase homeowners, therefore, should seek to get ant infestations under control as soon as possible when these problems are discovered.

Types of Ants in Chevy Chase

The amount of damage that an ant infestation can cause varies widely between species of these insects. Some ants can find their way indoors when windows are left open or pets bring them inside. Although isolated ants are rarely a sign of an infestation, regularly witnessing ants inside a home can signal a much greater problem. One type of ant that homeowners should keep an eye out for is the carpenter ant, which can bore holes into soft building materials. Termites can also represent a severe problem because these pests actually survive by feeding on wood. Since ants can rapidly destroy the materials that support a home, recognizing these pests early is essential for preventing costly damage.

Why Ants Infest Homes

Ants can be attracted to homes for a wide range of reasons. The most common reasons why ants move indoors are due to cold weather conditions. When the winter months arrive, ants will naturally freeze to death if they do not find a warm shelter. Since homes offer the warmth ants are looking for, an entire ant colony can move into a home before the winter. Ants can also infest homes when food is regularly left out because they tend to build their nests in areas where food is plentiful. Termites and carpenter ants prefer to feed on softened wood, so homes that have experienced water damage are especially vulnerable to these pests.

Property Damage in Chevy Chase

Ants live in nests that can be located underground, under foundations, or inside walls; therefore, the vast majority of these insects are hidden from plain sight when they infest a home. Ants that can be seen inside a home are generally the tip of the proverbial iceberg because most of them will be hiding out in their nests. Consequently, property damage can be much more severe than homeowners generally expect because the majority of the destruction associated with ants tends to be unseen. Likewise, homeowners should address potential ant problems at their first sign to prevent these pests from silently destroying property values.

Managing Ant Problems

Homeowners who take a proactive approach to managing ant problems can enjoy the benefits of reduced property damage and lower chances of future infestations. Capitol Pest Control offers comprehensive ant control solutions for homeowners near Chevy Chase, Md., and the surrounding areas. The company can implement strategies for deterring ants while eliminating existing populations. Contact Capitol Pest today to find out how you can get your ant problems under control.