3 Common House Spiders in the Greater Washington DC Area

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3 Common House Spiders in the Greater Washington DC Area If you live in a rural area, you know spiders are a fact of life. But even if you are not out in the woods, you are sure to see the occasional spider in your house. And while many people don't want to be in

Effective Northern Virginia Pest Control

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Effective Northern Virginia Pest Control Northern Virginia is a wonderful place to live and visit. There's history, commerce, and great neighbors to welcome you to the area. No matter what part of the world you live in, pests are an unfortunate certainty. However, the types of pests that you come in contact with will depend

Scary Spiders in Your Home

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Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias out there, so it's little wonder that most people prefer living without spiders in their homes. To hear some folks talk about it, you'd think sharing living quarters with spiders is just a fact of life. In reality, though, spiders can cause serious issues. When infestations occur,

How to Remove Spider Eggs

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If homeowners have recently found spider webs strung across the interior of the house, they may very well be dealing with an infestation. If spider eggs are present in various areas, then the infestation is likely to become worse. Chemical and physical treatment techniques can be utilized to kill eggs and juveniles before the colony

Common Spiders in the Washington, D.C.area

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The area around the nation's capital is home to an impressive array of spiders. While many arachnids do not pose serious threats to residents of the city, others can cause serious harm to humans. Individuals who can identify venomous spider species will be able to call on professional exterminators to eliminate the pests before someone

How to Spot Termites Early

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Termites are sneaky little creatures that are good at hiding their destructive habits. They can eat wood behind walls, insulation, floor coverings and other places for years without your knowledge, causing damage to the structure of your home. Knowing the early signs of infestation can help you spot termites early before their damage spreads further