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Rodent Infestation: Combating Them Inside Your Home

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Rodent Infestation: Combating Them Inside Your Home Rodents are one of the largest pests to regularly inhabit homes, and their ability to survive in any habitat has made them the most widely distributed household pests on earth. Here are a few things all homeowners should consider when faced with a rodent infestation. Detection Rodents are

The Dangers of Rodents: Sharing Your Home

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The Dangers of Rodents: Sharing Your Home For many, mere sight of a mouse, or worse, a rat scampering across the floor is enough to send them up on top of a chair. While there are many reasons to be afraid of the dangers of rodents, the biggest of them all include the fact that they

Protecting Your Home Against Mouse Intrusions

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Protecting Your Home Against Mouse Intrusions If you recently noticed mouse droppings inside of your home, you are most likely concerned about the presence of the critters who had left them behind. Mouse intrusions can be alleviated with several proactive steps. Here are some tips to consider helping in keeping rodents from becoming a problem.

Rodent Control Experts, Rodent Awareness Week & Pest World 2017

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Rodent Control Experts, 4th Annual Rodent Awareness Week & Pest World 2017 Not only is it the 4th Annual Rodent Awareness Week - October 22-28 - but Capitol Pest Rodent Control Experts kicked off #PestWorld2017 in Baltimore, MD this week. As President of the Maryland State Pest Control Association and President of Capitol Pest, Brian

Roof Rats in Washington DC

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Roof rats are dark brown or black in color and can grow to more than a foot in length, including their tail. Although they nest in woodpiles, trees and dense vegetation outdoors, roof rat colonies prefer to live in the attics, ceilings and other upper levels of a building. In addition to contaminating food, their

5 Ways Mice Get Into Your House

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The common house mouse is capable of fitting through spaces as small as 1/4 inch and will gnaw small spaces to widen them if possible. Cold months and inclement weather may drive mice to seek shelter indoors, creating a potentially unhealthy situation for you and your family. There are several ways that mice can make

Preventing Rodents in Your Home

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Dangers and Damages Rodents Cause Rodents in your home can cause a number of problems. As they eat bits of your food, they contaminate the food they do not eat as well as your food-storage areas with excrement and urine. To obtain materials for their nests, the rodents gnaw into wood, paper, books and upholstery.

Rodent Control in the Washington, D.C. Area

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Washington, D.C., is full of interesting wildlife, and a variety of rodent species can be found in the area. Many of these rodents become unwanted guests when they enter homes in search of food and shelter. While they may not seem particularly dangerous, rodents actually pose a significant threat to structures and their inhabitants. Problems