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Four surprising exterior holiday decorations that attract pests

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Four surprising holiday decorations that attract pests As far as home holiday decorating items go, what you don't know might surprise you. Have you ever encountered a pest problem during the holiday season and wondered how it came about? Well here are four surprisingly common holiday decorations that attract pests and how to avoid them.

Avoid Stinging Insects This Spring

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With spring approaching, many folks are looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the warm weather. Whether you love taking a stroll to see the cherry blossoms or can't wait to play in the park with your kids, spring has a lot in store for you. Unfortunately, some unpleasant things come with spring too. Stinging

Pests to look out for as spring approaches

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Many people consider spring their favorite season, and most bugs and rodents would agree with them. Check out this list of critters that thrive in the springtime, and learn what you should do if they show up in your home. 1. Bees Bees are essential to the environment, which is why they should remain outside.

Chocolate Covered Bugs for Valentine’s Day

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That heart-shaped present tells your loved one how much you care, but what does it say about you? This Valentine's Day, think outside the candy box, and surprise your special someone with the latest trend in delectable sweets: chocolate-covered bugs. Insects In Vogue Flowers never go out of style, but traditional Valentine gifts just don't

Why Bugs Love Your Bathroom

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Many bugs gravitate to bathrooms for numerous reasons, such as the abundance of moisture and the bright lights that provide warmth. A restroom typically contains cabinets in which insects can easily hide, and in some cases, the bugs eat the sealants that are on the edges of a bathtub. Psocids These insects are genetically related

Do Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents Work?

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Have you seen the advertisements for ultrasonic mosquito repellents? They claim that various smartphone apps and electronic gadgets can fend off this pest by transmitting special high-frequency buzzes. The noises are said to resemble wing beats of mosquito predators. In theory, these sounds scare the bloodthirsty insects away and protect people from mosquito-borne diseases. The

How Pests Deal with Snow

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You might believe that your home is safe from pests during the snowiest times of the year. However, insects, rodents, and other forms of wildlife don't necessarily hibernate all winter long. To the contrary, many of those creatures search for warm places to hide and fresh supplies of food. Thus, if your home has even