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Protect Your Home: Perimeter Services

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Pests, rodents and bugs often seem to appear out of nowhere during the coldest months of winter. Many individuals wonder how they enter the house, which often appears to be sealed. There are many methods pests can use to enter a home, and our pest-control company is familiar with all of them. Winter Pest Invasions

Pests Found in Leaf Piles

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Few children can resist the allure of a massive pile of leaves. Now that fall is upon us, leaves may be accumulating in your yard already. As tempted as you may be to rake them into piles for your kids to enjoy, you should consider the dangers that could be lurking within. It doesn't take

Top 5 fall pests for 2014

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The fall brings lower, more tolerable temperatures to the D.C. area. As it does, it makes outdoor pests seek warmer temperatures indoors. From stink bugs to other creepy crawlers, Washington residents have to watch out for a pest invasion once fall weather covers the district. Common Indoor Fall Pests When it comes to being invasive,

Signs of Unseen Pests

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Unseen pests in the home can damage property, cause health risks and attract dangerous animals and insects. By the time that you begin seeing pests, they have usually established large nests that make getting rid of them difficult. Home remedies rarely work when serious infestations have occurred, so getting regular inspections and preventive treatments by

Putting a Halt to the Spread of Schoolyard Pests

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When you send your kids to school, you expect them to come back with homework assignments, not serious household pests. Unfortunately, bedbugs are infesting schools across the nation, and in some cases, you'll end up playing host even though you believed you took all the necessary precautions. As a 2011 op-ed in the Washington Post

Where Do Pests Go in the Winter?

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Chilly winter weather doesn't just drive people indoors; it brings pests inside as well. Roaches, ants, termites and more may show up in your home as the weather changes, leaving you to deal with a potentially problematic infestation. Pest Invasion In Basement Insects seek warm, dry environments just like animals and people do. As the

From Pest to Pet

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Not all exotic pets run on four legs and require special permits. If you're looking for something different, consider these captivating creatures. Yes, they're usually pests, but treat them with care, and they make fascinating pets. Chilean Tarantulas This rose-hued hairy arachnid is surprisingly low-maintenance and happy with an inexpensive diet of crickets. It won't

Eight Tips on Keeping Pests out of Garbage

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Garbage may attract rodents, insects and other pests to your home. It increases the risk of infestation by providing them with a convenient source of food. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by limiting access to your trash and taking steps to minimize garbage odors. Indoor Waste 1. Designate a single trash can for all

What happens when pests die in your home

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Now that spring is in the air, it’s time for homeowners to do some cleaning. This may have led you to the reason for those unexplained odors you smelled during the winter. The pests that invaded your home at that time intended to survive throughout the winter, but some of them died, and this is

Sealing Screen Doors And Windows

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With spring and warmer weather arriving, more pests will be making appearances as well. Bees, ants, houseflies, moths, roaches, spiders and other types of pests can fit through small openings in screen doors and windows. Light and heat from indoors attracts them. It is important to keep them out by closing up any entry points