Pest Control

Enjoy 4th of July Pest Free

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July 4th – a time to invite friends and family over for a backyard barbecue. With the summer in full swing, it's a great time to go outside and enjoy this festive event under the sun. Unfortunately, pests eagerly await your arrival and will ruin your gathering in seconds. Whether it's mosquito swarms or fleas

Pest Control Insulation

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Pest control just took a new and improved turn, which is good news for both residential and commercial property owners. TAP is a new form of insulation that actually helps prevent pests. It is permanent, is able to fit perfectly in any space and contains all-natural ingredients. This means it is also a much better

Don’t Rely On Home Remedies For Pest Control

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when pests appear in their homes is trying to use home remedies or removal methods. There are plenty of products sold in stores and techniques described online, but they are not truly effective. In some cases, people only wind up damaging their belongings or health, or they may

Dealing with a Dead Mouse

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Dealing with a Dead Mouse If your home has a dead mouse somewhere within the walls or hidden crevices, it could become a major problem. This could pose a serious health threat if it is ignored. While a dead mouse decomposes, various critters, pests and other disease-carrying rodents could be attracted to the smell. This

Resolve to Live Pest-Free in 2015

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to protect your home with an annual pest-control service. It's easy to keep up with the contract when it restarts at the beginning of each year, and you can start the new year fresh without those unpleasant creepy crawlers or skittering rodents. Whether you have

Pests on Public Transportation

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Most people don't think of hitchhikers being present on trains, buses, airplanes or subways But public transportation officials in cities across the U.S. are tackling the problem of bed bugs, unwanted and unseen hitchhikers. New York City and nearby communities have had a severe problem because of the high use of public transportation in the

House Plants and Pest Control

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It's estimated that 75 percent of Americans live with plants as part of their decor. Unfortunately, when these plants come back inside after a long summer in the sun, they could be bringing a diverse collection of pests with them. Some of these insects might be visible on the foliage, but others cleverly hide in

Pests in Firewood

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Most of us take comfort in the luxury of a warm fire in the winter, and many people rely on wood as a primary source of heat. However, it is important to understand that your store of firewood creates a favorable environment for several types of pests, and they can easily enter your home when