Capitol Pest – Your Local Maryland Exterminators

Capitol Pest – Your Local Maryland Exterminators

local maryland exterminators - Capitol PestWinter in Maryland means freezing temperatures and often, lots of snow. For many pests, winter is a time of dormancy. A time to slow down, curl up somewhere quiet and wait out the worst of it. However, local Maryland exterminators know that many of the lucky few who will be spending their winter inside your home will have a lot more to look forward to.

For indoor pests, your house is not just a late-season getaway; it is a predator-free wonderland, filled with warm food, cozy beds and an abundance of space to spread out – maybe start a new colony. Some, like the stink bugs and Asian lady beetles that overwinter in your siding and walls, are just there for a visit. They have no intention of overstaying their (un)welcome. Others, like mice, termites and spiders, are far less likely to pack up and leave come spring.


Domestic bliss is not for everyone. Many pests rely on outdoor plants, large bodies of moving water or animals for food. For all its luxury, your home makes a poor substitute for the great outdoors. For these pests, your carpet is a wasteland and a death sentence.

For others (mainly the non-herbivorous insects), your home is a far more welcoming place. There is a vast variety of food sources available for those with the stomach for it. From your wedding gown to the glue on your laminate floors, your house is a holiday smorgasbord for hungry household pests.

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Food isn’t the only major advantage to bunking up with your family – your furnace is, without a doubt, the most attractive luxury on offer. Many outdoor pests overwinter as eggs, larvae or nymphs. Others – like flies, lady beetles and wasps, go into a type of hibernation during the coldest months of the year. Heat keeps the hemolymph flowing. For most household pests in Maryland, as long as they can eat, drink and breed there is no reason for them to slow down.


Besides a few spiders, centipedes, and maybe a cat or two, your home is largely free of predators. This makes obtaining food and breeding relatively simple. For many of these pests, you and your pets are the only predators they need to worry about.

If you are going to keep your home pest free this winter and didn’t get a spray barrier this fall, you will need to contact Capitol Pest, your local Maryland exterminators to address active infestations before they get out of hand. Capitol Pest has been serving Maryland for decades and can help you keep household pests under control year-round.

Contact your local Capitol Pest representative to discuss pest control and local Maryland exterminator services online or by phone at 301-603-3169.

Capitol Pest is the region’s premier pest control company serving the metro Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas.

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