Bethesda, MD Rodent Control Services

Rodents have been a nightmare for homeowners since the dawn of civilization. With high intelligence and small bodies, these pests can get into almost any part of a home once they find their way inside. The good news, however, is that the prevalence of rodents has led researchers to develop a wide range of solutions for preventing, controlling, and eliminating rodent problems. Homeowners can generally solve rodent problems with modern solutions in only a few days when the right approach to managing these pests is implemented. Learning about the solutions are that available in today’s world, therefore, should be the priority of homeowners experiencing rodent problems.

Identifying Rodents

There are thousands of species of rodents, so the first step towards assessing a problem with these pests is determining which type of animal found its way inside. In some cases, what appears to be a rodent problem can actually be caused by some other animal, such as a raccoon, fox, or cat. Nevertheless, mice are the most common rodents inside homes because they can fit through tiny cracks between shingles, siding, doors, and other objects. Larger rats, which are usually either black or brown, are common throughout the Northeast. Another common rodent problem comes from household pets, such as mice and hamsters, which can escape from their cages and spread wildly due to their ability to breed rapidly.

How Rodents Find Their Way Indoors

Rodents generally enter a residence through small holes in a home’s exterior walls. However, rodents can also find their way inside when doors or windows are left open. Other holes, such as chimneys and drainage pipes, can function as an additional point of entry for rodents. Determining how rodents are getting inside is critical for preventing future rodent problems. In some cases, homeowners can solve the majority of their rodent problems by filling holes outside their home with concrete and installing screens over openings.

Why Rodents Come Inside

All mammals require heat to survive, so cold winter weather causes rodents to scramble looking for a warm shelter to call home. Unfortunately, human dwellings are ideal for rodents because they are warm and protected from potential predators. Rodents, therefore, will often fight battles among themselves to claim an unsealed opening that they find inside a home. Once rodents find their way inside, getting them to leave can be difficult because the temperate conditions inside a modern residence generally discourage these pests from leaving at the end of the winter.

Getting Help

Taking control of rodent problems before they get out of control is critical for homeowners who would prefer to avoid property damage or other complications. Capitol Pest in Bethesda, Md., offers comprehensive pest control solutions that empower homeowners to manage and eliminate rodent problems. Contact Capitol Pest today to learn how you can get rid of household rodents forever.