Bethesda, MD Ant Control Services

While lovely Bethesda, Maryland, is considered to be among America’s most affluent and highly educated communities, that doesn’t stop the influx of several nuisance ants from being attracted to the area’s climate. Here at Capitol Pest, we’re called on to eradicate a variety of problem ants every year when the warm spring weather arrives. Thanks to our 80 years of solid pest-control experience, we’re prepared to take on these ants and any other nuisance insect that has invaded your home or business.

Common Nuisance Ants in Bethesda

Thief Ants

Otherwise known as grease ants, these tiny creatures appear yellow or light to dark brown. Both of their names are well-earned because they love any greasy food that humans eat, and they also routinely steal both food and the young from other ant colonies. Once these ants have found a reliable food source inside of your home, you can expect to find them in multiple containers of your food because their small size allows them easy access. One of their nastiest habits is dining on dead rodents, which they then carry on to contaminate your food products.

Carpenter Ants

These large, black ants are capable of using their carpentry skills to cause excessive structural damage to your home. They establish large colonies inside of your walls and anywhere that wood can be found in your home. It’s possible for them to remove the wood from behind all of your walls in order to make it easier for them to travel from room to room. They like to be close to their food source and enjoy any food that people eat with a special love for sweets and meats.

Acrobat Ants

You’ll know these small ants by their habit of placing their heart-shaped abdomen above their head when they feel threatened. They’re small enough to come into your home through the tiniest cracks and anywhere that wires and pipes can be found. You should expect an infestation if you see them traveling in long lines throughout your home as they search out any available food. They can sting if they feel threatened and will also emit a horrible odor.

Odorous House Ants

Because these ants live in colonies made up of some 100,000 individuals, you may experience quite an overwhelming infestation in your home. They are small and dark brown or black in color, and you may find a colony nesting inside of your walls or beneath your floors. They will forage for food during all hours, and they don’t mind swarming over foods that include pastries, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats and sweets.

Have These Ants Removed Today

Each of these ants has the ability to either damage your home, contaminate your food or bite or sting your family members and pets. Contact us here at Capitol Pest today, and our highly trained technicians will locate their nesting areas and eradicate these ants from your home or business right away.