What are the best mouse traps?

What are the best mouse traps?

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The best mouse traps come in three types.

best mouse trap - victory snap trapSnap traps are the most common mouse traps. They either come in a wood variety with a metal bar or one that is completely made of plastic. Both types of traps operate on the same principles. The rodent is attracted by bait, preferably peanut butter (not cheese) and climbs onto a trigger to get at it. The trigger causes the metal bar or a plastic jaw to snap shut, breaking the mouse’s neck, killing it instantly. A snap trap is relatively cheap, kills instantly, and allows for quick disposal of the rodent carcass.

Electronic traps are enclosed but operate on a similar principle to the snap trap. The mouse is attracted by the bait, climbs into the trap, and then is administered an electric shock that kills it instantly. The one disadvantage of an electronic trap is that it tends to be more expensive than a snap trap, and the batteries need to be changed.

The third type of mouse trap consists of a cage that captures the rodent without killing it. Many people prefer this kind of trap because it is more humane than the ones that kill mice. One can take the trap containing the live mouse outside and release the mouse unharmed.

cage mouse trap - best mouse trapWe do not recommend glue traps. They are cheap and easy to distribute about the house. However, mice caught in these kinds of traps are still alive and have to be disposed of, which can be a messy and even a dangerous task. If you choose to use glue traps and want to safely return it outdoors, pouring a small amount of baby oil or vegetable oil onto the part of the trap where the mouse is stuck will enable it to get free.

But remember, unless the building is completely sealed, rodents will follow their trail back and easily reenter your home and the problem will remain. Rather than shopping for the best mouse traps, call Capitol Pest, the region’s premier rodent exterminator.  We’ll do the dirty work for you.

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