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Wasps are distinguishable by their bright yellow bands. Some wasps have more yellow than others. They are longer than bees and have slimmer bodies with distinct sections. Also, their wings are a darker color, and the wings of small bees are usually translucent. Larger bees may have wings that are tinted black or gray. Honeybees are small and have dull yellow and black bands on their bodies. They have a fuzzy appearance while wasps look smooth. Carpenter bees are larger and have a black abdomen with a fuzzy yellow back. Bumblebees look similar but have two sections of yellow and black on their backs and abdomens, and they also appear fuzzy.

Beehives may be in trees or near garages, and they have been found behind the walls in some homes. Wasp nests are usually found along the eaves of a garage or a house. They have a paper-like appearance. Some types of wasps burrow alone in the ground. These pests usually pick holes that were created by other pests. Carpenter bees may be seen around beams, eaves and other outdoor wood sources.

How Bees And Wasps Spread

Beehives grow as colonies grow. If there are plenty of food sources for bees such as flowers and plants, they will flourish. Wasps are predators and feed on insects. Some wasps will eat food that is left outdoors. When there are plenty of food sources for wasps, their colonies grow. As a wasp nest becomes full, some wasps leave the nest to start a different one. If you see one wasp nest along your eaves and have plenty of insects in your yard, you will probably see a few more nests within a month or two if you do not have the pests removed promptly.

Dangers Of Bees And Wasps

The main danger of most bees and wasps is their stings. Honeybees die after stinging, and they are not known to be aggressive. They will attack as a colony if their hive is disturbed. Wasps are more aggressive and are known to sting people during picnics if they feel that they are competing for food. These pests can ruin a summer gathering quickly, and nearby wasps may come to join their nests if they see that there is plenty of food. Some people suffer severe allergic reactions from bee and wasp stings. Ground wasps make playing in the yard hazardous for pets and children. Carpenter bees pose a completely different danger. They are known to burrow in wood, and they often drill holes through eaves and other outdoor wood sources on your property. Their damages can be costly to fix.

How To Get Rid Of Bees And Wasps

Never try to remove a beehive or a wasp nest. Also, do not kill honeybees. Professionals know how to safely relocate beehives. Since these endangered pollinators are important for the country’s food supply, they must be protected. Many people make the mistake of trying to spray or burn wasp nests because of terrible DIY advice found online. These methods usually lead to injuries. Only a professional can safely remove wasp nests. If you have any stinging pests on your property, call Capitol Pest Control. We proudly serve Hyattsville residents and the surrounding areas.

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