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Having bed bugs is like having extremely annoying, uninvited houseguests who refuse to leave. The only nice thing to say about them is that they don’t transmit diseases. Keep reading to learn all that you need to know about bed bugs and what you can do to eliminate them.

Identifying Bed Bugs

These tiny creatures are reddish-brown and oval in shape. Their size makes it easy for them to hide just about anywhere. It’s human or animal blood that they’re after, and they feed while the host is sleeping. They typically invade mattresses, box springs, the drawers of nightstands or anywhere in a bedroom that’s close to the food supply. Unlike insects that are drawn to squalid conditions, such as cockroaches, bed bugs are perfectly happy in five-star hotels, cruise ships, and upscale apartment communities. As long as there are sleeping hosts, bed bugs stay fed and happy.

How They Get In

Bed bug populations explode in places like apartment complexes and shelters where they can easily slip through cracks and crevices. However, their ability to stow away in luggage, furniture, and clothing makes them a threat to single-family dwellings as well.

If you travel frequently and stay in hotels, they could easily hitch a ride in your suitcase. If you have a college student who lives in a dorm, you’d be wise to inspect those bundles of dirty laundry that he brings home on weekends. It’s not a good idea to buy used furniture or other items, especially bedroom pieces, from unknown sources. Even goods picked up at garage sales are risky. Bed bugs hunker down in fabric seams, rolled-up rugs, and picture frames until the lights go out at night in their new home.


Reaction to bites varies wildly. Some victims experience redness, swelling, and a tormenting itch. Sensitive people may have serious allergic reactions. Often, though, bites are painless and invisible for up to two weeks. At the rate that bed bugs reproduce, many homeowners have widespread infestations before they even notice that they’ve been bitten.

Telltale Signs

You’ll probably see evidence of an invasion before you spot an insect. Bed bugs are notorious for making a mess. Their nocturnal travels can cover up to 100 feet, and they leave behind a disgusting trail of rusty-brown excrement. Egg casings, exoskeletons shed during molting and a musty odor are other dead giveaways.

Controlling Bed Bugs

Bed bugs present special challenges because they breed prolifically and reach maturity in a matter of weeks. Bringing home just one pregnant female could result in several generations and a population of around 5,000 in just six months. Not only that, but bed bugs are starting to become resistant to some insecticides that worked in the past.

A Job for Professionals

It takes extensive training and experience to come up with a chemical recipe that will kill bed bugs and prevent their return. Capitol Pest is proud to have both a biochemist and an entomologist on staff. Since 1936, we’ve been committed to keeping families and business owners healthy and happy. Call Capitol Pest today for an assessment of your bed bug problem. We can provide a safe, effective solution.