Bed Bug Control In Montgomery Village, MD

Bedbugs are flat pests with translucent small heads. They may be bright red to reddish-brown in color depending on their size. Younger bedbugs are smaller and brighter red in color. Bedbugs may be round to slightly elongated in shape. While some are as tiny as a grain of sand, others may be about the size of a lentil. If you look closely, you can see horizontal lines across the abdomen of a bedbug, and it may have a red center after eating a blood meal. You will usually find bedbugs on clothing, mattresses or furniture. They prefer to stay in places where they come into frequent contact with humans.

How Bedbugs Spread

These pests spread easily on clothing or in luggage. An adult may inadvertently take bedbugs to work and other places in a briefcase, a purse or on clothing. Children may take them to school in backpacks or on coats, and these pests can crawl into the bags of other children in shared backpack storage spaces. Some people pick up stray bedbugs in shared gym lockers, while trying on clothes in a store or when buying used furniture. One of the most common places to pick up bedbugs is in a hotel. Since these pests multiply fast, bringing a few of them home may result in a large infestation within a matter of months.

Why Bedbugs Are Hard To Remove

There is an old saying about scaring away bedbugs with a flashlight, which holds some truth. These pests will quickly scatter if they are exposed to light. Their bodies are about as thick as a sheet of paper if they have not eaten recently. This allows them to hide in the tiniest crevices. Many creators of sprays and DIY methods do not account for their elusive nature and great hiding abilities. Bedbug eggs are hardy and can survive many substances. Another factor that makes these bugs hard to eliminate is their ability to live longer than a month without drinking any blood. The combination of these attributes means that fogging and similar methods are ineffective.

Dangers Of Bedbugs

For homeowners, bedbugs are a nuisance. Their bites can be medically significant if a person develops an allergy to bedbugs or has bites that turn into hives. Bedbug bites are itchy, and excessive scratching may lead to a skin infection. People who rent apartments, duplexes or condos may also be liable for pest control in neighboring units if a bedbug problem is traced to their home. For businesses, bedbugs are hazardous to a professional reputation. For example, a clothing store could lose most of its customers if several people leave reviews online stating that they picked up bedbugs from the business or saw them while shopping.

Bedbug Control

If you are a renter, homeowner or business owner in Montgomery Village, check your property for bedbugs. Call Capitol Pest at the first sight of a bedbug. DIY methods and harmful chemicals are ineffective, and some will create an even larger danger for you, your family, your employees or your customers. We know the most effective methods for removing bedbugs quickly. Please call us today for a free quote.

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