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One of the most problematic pests in Hyattsville is the bedbug. A bedbug feeds on blood and is nocturnal. Bedbugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale, which is why they are especially active when people are sleeping. These pests are flat, brown and tiny. They may be rounded or elongated in shape, and some appear almost translucent. When smashed, a rounded bedbug that is not completely flat will usually produce red blood, which is a telltale sign that it is a bedbug and not a beetle. Bedbugs usually hide in mattresses, carpeting or furniture and wait until people are not moving to bite.

If you are bitten by bedbugs, the bites usually appear in a straight line. The bites are itchy and may bleed when scratched. Some people say that there is a musky odor near the site of an infestation. Others report finding shed exoskeletons, small blood smears on sheets or reddish-brown dirt, which is bedbug excrement.

How Bedbugs Spread

You can unknowingly pick up or spread bedbugs nearly anywhere. Hotels are the most common places to pick up bedbugs. However, people also pick them up in shared gym lockers, at work, in dressing rooms, and in hospitals. Children often pick them up at school when there are shared coat racks or shelves. Bedbugs usually travel on clothing or luggage such as suitcases and purses. Another common way to unknowingly pick up bedbugs is when buying used furniture.

Why Bedbugs Are Hard To Eliminate

There are several contributing factors that make bedbugs especially resilient. First, they have tiny flat bodies that allow them to hide between the seams in mattresses or sheets. They also hide inside of clothing seams. This makes bug bombs and fumigation attempts ineffective for eliminating them completely. Another contributing factor is that bedbugs can survive over a month without feeding on blood. People who leave a home empty for a week and expect the pests to starve to death will be disappointed. Bedbug larvae are very resilient to pest control attempts. These pests multiply fast, which means that you have more of them to battle when you try to exterminate them.

Dangers Of Bedbugs

Although bedbugs are not known carriers of serious diseases, their bites cause itchy bumps that are annoying to deal with. Children often scratch the bites until they bleed and may develop a secondary skin infection. Some people have allergic reactions to bedbug bites and require medical attention. For homeowners, bedbugs rob them of their peace of mind. Also, homeowners have to worry about spreading the bugs if visitors come over or when they send their children to school. For businesses, the main risk is reputation damage. If a customer picks up bedbugs at a hotel, he or she may leave bad reviews about the establishment. Several bad reviews can hurt the company’s reputation and lead to a loss of revenue. The same is true with other businesses such as clothing shops and used furniture stores.

If you notice bedbugs or see signs of them in your home, Capitol Pest Control can remove them quickly and effectively. We have years of experience dealing with all sizes of infestations. Please call us today for a free no-obligation quote.