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Bedbugs are brown, oval-shaped pests that dwell in snug, warm places and come out at night to feed on human blood. Their size is about equal to that of an apple seed, so they can be spotted by the naked eye.

How They Get Inside

If you’ve seen them in your home and you’re wondering they got there, the answer is simple: they most likely hitched a ride from someplace else. For example, if you traveled recently and stayed at a hotel or motel, bedbugs may have latched onto your clothing, entered your luggage, or hid in a warm electrical device like a laptop. Once inside, they probably scurried to a cluttered area like your closet or squeezed into a crack in the wall or baseboard. Or they went directly to your mattress, box spring, and bed frame, as these are their number-one hiding spots.

Their Dangers

Since they’re attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale, bedbugs will follow you around your house if you try to outmaneuver them and sleep in different rooms. They never bite once but bite in clusters or rows on exposed parts of your skin. Though some are never affected by their bites, most experience some level of itchiness and swelling as welts develop. As long as one doesn’t scratch the bites, recovery takes about one to two weeks; for those with an allergy to insect bites, it may take up to a month. There are no long-term physical effects, but those who are repeatedly bitten often begin to suffer from sleeplessness and anxiety.

Their Signs

If you suspect bedbugs in your home, you can check for certain signs. It’s important not to go on the basis of bites alone; not only are some people unaffected by bites, as mentioned above, but adult bedbugs can also go for several months without feeding. There are three things to look for, all around your mattress:

1) Tiny bloodstains, which are the remains of crushed bedbugs.

2) Stains that have bled through your mattress and emit a coriander smell, which may be bedbug excrement.

3) Light-colored shells with a bedbug shape to them, which are discarded skins.

Eliminating Bedbugs

There’s no DIY method for getting rid of bedbugs. Females can produce up to 500 offspring a year, so once you see two or three of these pests, you know you have a full-blown infestation. Throwing out the mattress will do nothing to stop them, so this would be the time when you would call Capitol Pest Control.

Bedbugs being secretive, nocturnal pests (they’ll appear in the day if they’re really hungry), it can be hard to detect them with a visual inspection. For this reason, our company has developed its own K-9 scent detection unit. Our canine team has been specially trained to sniff out bedbugs and is certified by the World Detector Dog Organization. After we identify where the pests are dwelling, we’ll apply a specially formulated liquid insecticide that will kill them within 48 hours.

Contact Capitol Pest Control today to request more information or to set up an inspection! Once we determine the extent of your bedbug infestation, we’ll provide a free service quote.