Ant Proofing your Washington D.C. Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you may struggle to deal with ants, especially if your neighbors do not follow proper sanitation procedures. Fortunately, ants don’t pose a major threat to your health; however, ants can eat your food and potentially threaten the integrity of your apartment building’s structure. Even if you do have messy neighbors in your apartment complex, you can take steps on your own to protect your home from ants.

If you’re not currently engaging in a regular cleaning session in your apartment, start immediately. A clean apartment is less likely to invite ants than a messy one. Learn to adjust your habits in the kitchen to provide a good defense against ants. For example, don’t leave food out on the counter all night. If you spill something sticky on the floor, clean it up immediately. Abandoned food and sticky messes send a welcome message to your neighborhood ants. You should also regularly clear out your pantry and toss out old and expired food. Consider investing in plastic containers to hold and protect your staple foods, including sugar and salt.

In addition, you can also create some defenses at your apartment’s entry points. Check the windows and doors for any cracks that ants may be using to get inside your unit. You can use caulk to fix these holes. You can also use a few non-toxic materials to create a perimeter around possible entrance points. Certain powders, including baby powder and flour, can stop ants from entering your apartment.

Unfortunately, even the best defenses against ants can fail. A professional exterminator can help you deal with a stubborn colony of ants. Don’t wait to call for assistance; a pest control company can help you and your family get your peace of mind back.

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