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There are several common types of ants in Maryland. Thief ants are the tiniest ants in the state. They are known for their ability to crawl through the mesh on a screen window. If they get into your food supply, they will contaminate it. Odorous house ants get their name from their distinct smell. These pests prefer sweet foods and will invade sugar bags, cereal boxes, and similar containers. Fire ants may be seen during the warmer months. Although they do not commonly come indoors, you may accidentally upset them while you are gardening. Their stings deliver venom, and some people have severe allergic reactions to it. Carpenter ants are large and make their colonies in wood, which means that their destructive chewing can cost you hundreds of dollars in damages.

How Ants Spread

Ants can get through cracks in the foundation, under doors and through poorly sealed windows. They may come into the home in search of food and build their colonies outdoors. However, some ants build their colonies in basements or behind the walls. Most ant colonies multiply quickly as long as they are finding a steady food supply.

Why Ants Are Problematic

If you own or rent a home, ants can ruin your food. They are good at getting through anything that does not have an airtight seal. Some ants will bite humans, and their bites can cause itchy bumps. While bites are just a nuisance to most people, some individuals have allergic reactions that may result in hives. If the itching is severe, scratching the skin to the point of bleeding may result in a skin infection. Carpenter ants can also destroy the eaves or exposed wood in your home or garage.

Ants can be a much costlier problem to business owners. If you own a restaurant or any business that serves food, ants can ruin your reputation. Customers know that these pests spread bacteria, and the sight of them near food is enough to spoil their dinner or their confidence in return. If they leave bad reviews about your business online, this could reduce the number of future customers and hurt your sales. When health inspectors discover an ant problem, you may receive a citation or fine. If your business has other problems that lead to temporary closure, the lost revenue and damaged reputation could be enough to destroy your business.

Ant Control In Montgomery Village, MD

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