Ant Control in Hyattsville, MD

Although Argentine ants are not as common as they are in the South, they are making appearances in Maryland. They are reddish-brown and are often mistaken for fire ants even though they are smaller. Fire ants are mostly red with a black abdomen, which has a pronounced stinger at the end. Odorous house ants and pavement ants are small. They may be brown to black in color. Another type of ant in the area is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are larger than pavement ants, and they are usually black. They have thicker bodies and heads, and their heads have distinct mandibles. Argentine, fire and carpenter ants are typically found outdoors. Odorous house ants and pavement ants often venture indoors.

How Ants Get Into Homes

Since most ants that get into homes are tiny, they enter through screen windows or through cracks along doors and windowsills. They may build colonies behind the walls in some instances. People often see them crawling under baseboards, in cabinets and under appliances. If ants are invading your home, it may indicate that your soil is not a prime environment for pests that they normally feed on. When their colonies grow too large and there are not enough other predatory bugs to keep the population under control, ants may come into your home in search of food.

Dangers Of Ants

Most small house ants are harmless to your health. They may bite and cause itching or skin irritation. However, fire ants deliver venom when they sting, and some people have allergic reactions to it. A few people have had fatal anaphylactic reactions to excessive stings. Since fire ants are aggressive and sting in groups, their attacks can be dangerous. Carpenter ants can destroy your trees, eaves and even wood in your home if they make it indoors. They build caverns and galleries in wood by chewing it.

Argentine ants kill helpful ants outdoors that are known for eating garden-destroying bugs. If you notice that your vegetation is suffering despite meticulous care and fertilization, this could be the answer to the problem. When ants invade your home and food supply, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars replacing damaged food. Business owners also run the risk of getting bad reviews, and this is especially true for any business serving or selling food.

How To Get Rid Of Ants

Do not use sprays from home improvement stores along your baseboards or on the floors. Some people have caused more harm to their pets or small children by using these chemicals. Also, they are bad for the environment. While there are several DIY natural spray mixture suggestions online, they are not effective. The only way to get rid of ants is to figure out why they are invading your yard and home in large numbers. When you find out whether it is a soil problem, a specific food source or something else, you can remedy the underlying issue.

At Capitol Pest Control, we help you identify the root of the problem in addition to removing problematic infestations. This gives you the ability to prevent future problems and costly removal treatments. To learn more about our methods or for a free quote, please call us.