Am I Actually Seeing Signs of Termites, or Have I Been Tricked?

Am I Actually Seeing Signs of Termites, or Have I Been Tricked?

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Steffani Customer Service Rep at Capitol Pest

A Tuesday morning here at Capitol Pest and the phone rings.

Customer Service Rep.: “Good morning Capitol Pest, this is Steffani speaking how may I help you?

Customer: “Good morning Steffani. I think I’ve found Signs of Termites and need an inspection.”

Customer Service Rep: “Ok, what would lead you to believe that you may have termites?”

Customer: “Well, I haven’t seen the termites yet, but I am seeing a lot of wood shavings by my window and some other wood damage.”

Customer Service Rep: “Ok, great, we can certainly help you out. Based on the information that you’ve given me, it sounds like the issues are more indicative of carpenter ants or other pest. I think it would be best that we have one of our field inspectors come out and perform a free assessment. Our services and treatment are designed and customized towards your specific case, so our field inspector will be able determine exactly what you’re dealing with, and this way we are making sure we are putting the best treatment for you. While our inspector is there he is able to give you an estimate for how much it would cost to treat, and depending on the issue can begin treatment. Would you be interested in having a field inspector come out? “

“Am I actually seeing Signs of Termites, or have I been tricked?”

There are many times that our customers are not seeing the pest, but are seeing the results of the pests. Like the conversation above, it is not uncommon to be tricked, and our job as your local exterminator is to provide you with the information and tools to identify your pest and properly treating that pest.

Wood Shavings: A common misconception is that seeing wood shavings around the home are Signs of Termites. In actuality, this is a sign that you’re probably experiencing a different type of pest, as termites devour the wood and do not leave behind wood shavings. When seeing wood shavings or debris around, you will find that your real issues could be that of: ants, bees, or even beetles. Any of these can create the false assumptions that you are being overrun by termites.

We realize that the idea of having termites is scary and the first lines of defense against these pests are to, call your local exterminator and let us help you properly identify termites for you. Steffani is waiting to hear from you so we can customize a plan just for you.

If you need a termite inspection and would like to review our protection plan options, contact us to learn more. Fill out this form or call 301-603-3169.

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