Adelphi Pest Control

adelphi pest control

Capitol Pest has been offering first-rate pest control services to the Adelphi, Md., area since 1936. Many of the region’s residents call us as soon as they suspect that insects, spiders, rodents, or other forms of wildlife have invaded their homes or workplaces. That’s because our methods of removal are safe, exhaustive, and humane.

One of our secrets is that we employ an experienced entomologist to give us specialized advice. Our team also includes seasoned carpenters and a range of experts in other technical fields.

Keeping Adelphi’s Homes and Businesses Pest-free

You could rigorously scrub and disinfect your home or place of business every day, but you still wouldn’t necessarily stop an influx of pests. Small critters are surprisingly adept at penetrating buildings; they’re able to exploit minute openings. In fact, once they decide to enter a certain place, they generally find a way to make it happen. Owners of homes and companies are then stuck with swarms of pests that can contaminate food, spread disease, and cause structural damage.

Therefore, it makes sense to take advantage of our affordable prevention plans. We can routinely inspect your home or business to make sure that no pests are present. These services will protect loved ones and keep small creatures from chasing away customers.

You can also call us whenever you spot evidence of pest infiltration. When we enter your home, our top concern is the well-being of your family members ― including those with four legs. Plus, if we show up at your workplace, we’ll be as discreet as possible. Indeed, we’re exceptionally swift, efficient, and polite. We arrive promptly as scheduled, and once we’re on the job, we’ll never waste any of our time or yours.

Termite Treatments

One pest that deserves a special mention is the termite. Termites can easily tunnel into buildings, and they can live indoors for long periods without drawing attention. Meanwhile, they’ll feast on as much wood as they can. In short order, these little freeloaders are capable of damaging or destroying walls, doors, foundations, support beams, and furniture.

Fortunately, we can stop them in their hungry tracks. First, we’ll determine what kind of termite species you’re dealing with, and we’ll tailor our removal procedures to that specific type. Our techniques are comprehensive as well: We won’t be finished until every last one is gone.

Adelphi’s Best Pest Control

As our extremely high consumer ratings attest, we habitually go beyond what our clients demand from us. We use the most advanced procedures and equipment available, and we’re continually finding ways to implement the latest breakthroughs in pest control technology. Moreover, we avoid applying pesticides whenever we can. Simply put, we always take pride in our important work.

Finally, know that we’d be happy to provide you with a free quote on any of our services at any time.