A bed bugs exterminator near me explains how they travel to your home

Bed bugs are about the most annoying pests that you can imagine. If they get into your house, they hide in all sorts of crevices and corners, only to come out at night to feast on your blood, inflicting almost unbearable itching. A bed bugs exterminator near me explains the best way to handle a bed beg infestation.

bed bugs exterminator near me

Source: Bed Bugs Guide

However, the best way to deal with a bed bug infestation is to not have one to begin with. Generally, bed bugs travel to your home in your clothes or luggage and then move in like unwanted guests who never want to leave. The trick is to be aware of where you might pick up bed bugs outside of your home and act accordingly. Consumer Reports recently ran an article describing some of the remarkable and unexpected places where bed bugs can hide, aside from other homes and hotel rooms, just waiting for a ride to your home.

Nursing homes, as it turns out, are favorite places for bed bugs to congregate. Older adults tend not to have as many welts when being fed upon, and the constant traffic from room to room with relatives and staff visiting constantly allows bed bugs to easily move.

College dorms are another favorite place for bed bugs to lie in wait. Your college son or daughter could pick up some of the noxious pests and take them home on a weekend visit back home.

Offices are also common haunts for bed bugs. They can hide in the furniture and plush carpeting and come home with you after a hard day at work.

Public areas such as libraries, movie theaters, and waiting rooms can also contain bed bugs.

The trick to avoid bringing unwanted guests home is to be aware and to recognize what a bed bug is when you see it, a small, disk-shaped insect. If you see one, inform someone who is able to take action to call in a professional and eradicate the possible infestation at the nursing home, office, or whatever place you find them. When you get home, put your clothes and personal belongings in a hot dryer for about 30 minutes to stop the infestation before it starts.

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