5 Ways Mice Get Into Your House

The common house mouse is capable of fitting through spaces as small as 1/4 inch and will gnaw small spaces to widen them if possible. Cold months and inclement weather may drive mice to seek shelter indoors, creating a potentially unhealthy situation for you and your family.

There are several ways that mice can make their way into a home:

1) Cracks in the foundation, walls or crawlspaces are all prime doorways for mice. Spaces that lead to sheltered areas such as the void between walls are even more enticing.

2) Gaps around windows or windows that don’t close properly are easy entry points.

3) Though plumbing is usually meant to move things out of the house, mice can get in through it if drainage pipes are poorly sealed. Spaces around pipes are also easy for mice to slip through.

4) If firewood is stored near the house or plants are allowed to grow too close to the foundation, mice may move from these outdoor homes to the warmer, safer environment inside the house.

5) Packages, boxes and bags carried inside may harbor mice, especially if they were stored outdoors first.

You can keep mice at bay by plugging cracks in your foundation and basement walls and ensuring that all pipes and lines that enter the house are sealed. Reducing clutter that mice can use for nests and keeping food stored in tightly covered containers makes you home less inviting to mice seeking shelter.

If you suspect that mice are already making themselves at home in your house, contact a professional exterminator. Professionals have the tools and the knowledge necessary to eliminate an infestation and keep pests from coming back.

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