5 ways ants enter your home

5 ways ants enter your home

Pests like ants seek shelter from the outdoors by invading people’s homes. These five ways are some of the most common methods they use to gain entry to your home.

Cracks and Crevices

Ants will take advantage of openings in your home’s windows and doors. If there are cracks and crevices around your windows, ants will crawl through those open spaces into your house.

Likewise, they will crawl under doors that have no weather stripping or other barrier to keep them out. You can keep ants at bay by checking for such openings and applying caulking or stripping as needed.

Clothing and Pets

Ants also will hitch a ride to the inside of your home by clinging to your clothing or taking refuge in your pet’s fur. If you spend time outdoors, you should check your clothing for ants and also inspect your cat or dog’s fur for these pests.

Damaged Siding

When the exterior of your home becomes damaged, pests like ants will take advantage and find ways into your house. Cracked or split vinyl siding, for example, provides an ideal way for these bugs to crawl from the outside into your home. Likewise, wood that is damaged with holes or rot can also provide a way for ants to crawl inside your residence.

Plants and Vegetation

Many homeowners love to grow their own gardens or tend plants outside of their homes. When you bring in plants or produce from your garden, however, you could inadvertently bring in ants as well. Before you bring in any vegetation from your yard, you should check it for ants and other pests.

Poorly Kept Crawlspaces and Foundations

Your home’s foundation or crawlspace can be the ideal place for ants to invade your home. If you fail to repairs cracks and crevices or dry out water sitting in these bottom most areas of your residence, you could provide a magnet that will draw ants to your home.

Ant Attractions

What attracts ants to your home? These opportunistic pests seek shelter, food, and a place to breed inside your house. They love sweet, sticky foods like candy, soda, and cereal.

They also will come into your home if your yard is wet or overgrown. They seek dry, clear spaces that are easy to crawl around.

Ant Infestation Signs

The most obvious sign of an ant infestation is the presence of ants in your house. You may see them first around the windows or doorways.

Ants also bite people and animals that live inside the home. If you have small, itchy, painful welts, you may have reason to suspect an ant infestation. You can deal with these pests effectively by contacting Capitol Pest for your ant control needs today.

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