3 Reasons to Choose Commercial Pest Control

3 Reasons to Choose Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest controlIt’s safe to say that most people don’t like pests. We don’t want them in our homes, our houses of worship, our medical facilities, or the businesses we frequent. Fortunately, we don’t have to tolerate pests. Commercial pest control offers preventive and treatment options to rid your business of pests.

Capitol Pest is a commercial pest control company with more than 80 years of experience serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We firmly believe that commercial pest control is better than DIY treatments in most cases.

Below are three reasons for contacting a commercial pest control service to address the pests on your property.

  1. Problems Are Bigger Than They Appear

First and foremost is the reality that most pest problems are bigger than they initially appear. For example, seeing two or three roaches in your kitchen rarely indicates a minor problem. For every three roaches you see running around the floor, there could be hundreds more hiding out in places where you can’t see them.

As a rule, pest infestations are rather sizable by the time property owners start seeing the first signs. Sizable infestations require comprehensive treatments to eradicate them. Unfortunately, few property owners are capable of such treatments. Commercial pest control companies are equipped to treat pest infestations.

  1. Most Pests Are Prolific

Pest infestations are made possible by the prolific nature of the creatures in question. Let’s talk cockroaches again. They are among the most prolific of the pests we deal with.

A single female German cockroach can lay up to eight egg cases in a year. Those cases can produce up to 40 offspring each under the right conditions. That’s a lot of cockroaches in a short period of time. Imagine multiple females residing in your home along with all their offspring and a host of adult males.

Commercial pest control doesn’t focus only on those pests that can be seen with the naked eye. It also addresses reproduction by terminating offspring and creating conditions that are not conducive to future reproduction.

  1. Pests Can Be Dangerous

Some pests can be dangerous to eradicate. Wasps and hornets immediately come to mind. A property owner attempting to eliminate a nest with a DIY remedy risks aggravating the insects to the point of provoking an attack. On the other hand, a commercial pest control company will use a much more effective agent to quickly and thoroughly exterminate the nest.

Commercial pest control is your best bet for everything from roaches and rodents to wasps and ants. We encourage you to contact us for your pest control needs, no matter how seemingly minor they may appear.

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